Abstract painting, as it moves away from realism

confronts the viewer

with a decision making process.  My paintings use the

classic elements of  figure, landscape, and

subconscious meddling

to create indecision, allowing the painting to become

much more interactive.

When familiar images are used as a point of


it brings certain stresses into play.  These stresses,

unbalanced composition, lost boundaries,

emotional colors, and aggravated imagery,

all force the viewer to react and deal with

the ambiguities............................................


Collective Visions Gallery  group juried show, Bremerton, WA  Feb, 2020

Solo show "tk1sc" Seattle, WA  Nov, 2019


Group show "You Are Here, Too"  Map Inspired Show,  Good Arts Gallery,  Seattle, WA  May, 2018.

Group juried show  "Visual Impressions"  Ryan James Fine Arts Gallery,  Kirkland, WA  Apr-May, 2018.

Solo show  "Sigmoid Cartology"  Stumptown Coffee,  Portland, OR   May,  2017.

Solo show  "Land Escape"  Pulse PDX Gallery,  Portland, OR  Feb-Mar, 2017

Solo show  "Smiling Bricks"  BridgePort Brewpub,  Portland, OR  June-Nov,  2016.

Solo show  "Acrylic Dance Tunes"  Pulse PDX Gallery, Portland, OR    Dec 2015 - Feb 2016.

Garmin  Corporate Headquarters, Salem, OR  commissioned works,  2015.

North Coast Seed Studios Annual Show   participant, Portland, OR   2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.

Frederic Snitzer Gallery,  Haitian Earthquake Relief juried show & auction,  Miami, FL, 2010.

Juried member artist,  Fountainhead Studios,  Miami, FL   2009-2010.